Video Cameras

Cameras are great for keeping your family safe. You can use them to see who is at the front door, back door or to keep an eye on a play room. There are cameras which can see in low light or no light. Some cameras can stream video to your smart phone or tablet and some that cannot. Do you need Hi-resolution HD or will  a less expensive camera meet your needs?

Which camera style you select and which features you need to meet your desired benefit can be overwhelming and confusing. Hopefully the articles below will help.

Ring Doorbell and Ring Flood Lights - Review

I love the Ring doorbell. I have installed several for clients, my own mother and I have one at my front door.  They reason I like Ring Products so well is they work! I have installed several different brands of video doorbells over the years but they were often clunky to use and problematic.

I found the Ring products to be well designed and their app works better than I expect, their tech support actually answers the phone (my longest hold was 3 minutes) and best of all, my mother can use it.