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Home Networking 101

Wi-Fi is common for most households but good Wi-Fi is not. Most homes have a single Wi-Fi access point and it may or may not be in the best location for  adequate coverage. There is a lot of misconceptions about Wi-Fi products so let's see if I can't clear a few things up for you. 

First, we need to go over the basic components of a WiFi network.

Is a DIY Burglar Alarm best for you?

Traditional burglar alarm systems have a control panel located in a closet, utility room or other out-of-the-way location. A keypad is installed at the main entry area to the home for arming/disarming and usually provide Fire-Police-Medical panic buttons. Motion, door and windows sensors (often called “contacts”) are installed either hardwired or wireless. Smoke, heat, CO, gas sensors and a variety of flood, freeze and panic sensors are also available.

Guideline for Installing Wireless Door & Window Sensors

Wireless sensors offer great flexibility and speed when installing a security system. They are great until they fall off. In commercial installations we always screw the sensor and magnet in place. In homes that is not always practicable or desirable. Double back tape works well but under certain conditions it fails. The surface adhering too must be clean, dry and not to hot or cold.