Product Reviews

Ring Doorbell and Ring Flood Lights - Review

I love the Ring doorbell. I have installed several for clients, my own mother and I have one at my front door.  They reason I like Ring Products so well is they work! I have installed several different brands of video doorbells over the years but they were often clunky to use and problematic.

I found the Ring products to be well designed and their app works better than I expect, their tech support actually answers the phone (my longest hold was 3 minutes) and best of all, my mother can use it.

SimpliSafe™ - Review

SimpliSafe™ has emerged as a leader in DIY home security. Their use of wireless sensors and cellular communications, all in an affordable package, has won them top honors from many top organizations. SimpliSafe™ does not offer medical alert panic or professional installation, but they do offer a simple to install and operate security system with no or low monthly cost. They have a smartphone app for remote activation and notification of events. They have no contracts and if you move you easily remove the system and take it with you.

Amazon Echo Connect - First Impressions

I received my Echo Connect today and even though I will not be installing it for my mother for  few days, I though I would look it over and see what it looks like. My reasons for installing this at my mothers is for the specific purpose of allowing her to call 911 using hand free voice calling using her Echo dot and Echo 2nd Generation. That makes this product a life safety device in my mind but I don't think Amazon considered the Echo Connect to be that sort of device. I am sure the device will operate as intended, but there are a few things I wish they would have considered.

Amazon Echo Connect - Review

My first impressions 

When I first heard about the Echo Connect with its ability allow my mother to call 911 by saying, "Alexa, Call 911", I was excited to say the least. Since mom would not wear her pendant, which she could use to call for help, I was happy to see a hands-free, voice activated solution. As it turns out I am not alone.  I have talked to a lot of people in the last few months that are in the same boat I am and looking for a solution.