SimpliSafe™ - Review

SimpliSafe™ has emerged as a leader in DIY home security. Their use of wireless sensors and cellular communications, all in an affordable package, has won them top honors from many top organizations. SimpliSafe™ does not offer medical alert panic or professional installation, but they do offer a simple to install and operate security system with no or low monthly cost. They have a smartphone app for remote activation and notification of events. They have no contracts and if you move you easily remove the system and take it with you. No holes, no mess, no fuss.

The SimpliSafe™ system uses a base station, wireless keypad and a keychain remote is always included for easy arming and disarming. They offer a la carte sensor for a custom design or pre-packaged kits depending on your needs.

SimpliSafe™ Packages

Alph – One door sensor and one motion sensor. Ideal for an apartment or condo. Add a smoke detector and you have a solid basic burglar fire detection system.

Bravo – With three more door/window sensors than the Alpa package you can protect a small home or ground floor apartment/condo

Delta – Has two more door/window sensors, a second motion sensor and two keychain remotes than the Bravo. Plus a 110db siren. Perfect for a one to two story home up to almost any size.

Echo – Added panic button, smoke detector and third motion sensor. This is a complete security package for almost any family in any medium size home.


Available Sensors

  • Entry Sensor – used on windows or doors. *
  • Motion Sensor – Detects motion up to 30 feet away. Can be wall mounted on rest on a shelf or table. *
  • Glass Break Sensor – Good for rooms with several windows or glass doors.
  • Panic Button – Push the button to trigger your alarm.
  • Smoke Detector – Triggers an immediate fire alert and notification to the fire department. **
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor – Detects rising levels of CO before it becomes a problem. **
  • Freeze Sensor – Triggers an alert if temps fall below 41 degrees F.
  • Water Sensor – Detects build up of water and alerts you.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Extra keypad
  • Keychain remote
  • 105db wireless siren.

The SimpliSafe™ security system is good basic security system for small to medium size homes, apartments or condo. If you move, you take it with you.

SimpliSafe™ Monthly Fees

You do not need to pay a monthly fee to use the system, but it will only operate as a local alarm and you will not have access to smartphone controls or SMS/Email alerts.
Their two monthly plans are Standard with 24/7 monitoring and Interactive which includes monitoring, SMS/Email alerts, remote arm/disarm and secret alerts. These options provide you greater flexibility as your needs change. If you travel and only wish to have it monitored while your are away, you can.
As of December 2017 the Standard Plan is $14.99/mo and the Interactive Plan is $24.99/mo.

My main concern

Lack of a signal repeater. In larger homes, lets say 4000+ sq ft, sensors may be too far from the base station to trigger an alarm. This is an issue with all wireless sensors from all companies. Homes with stucco walls, brick fireplaces and other radio dampening materials can be hard to transmit through. Large homes with several walls and floors to penetrate also can result in extreme signal loss. Detached garages or out building can also cause problems, especially if they have metal siding.
I often install signal repeaters to extend sensor coverage. SimpliSafe™ does not seem to offer a repeater. This means you may have to place the base station in a location you may not prefer just to get the system to function reliably. They also recommend your keypad be 12-15 feet from the base station. It is rated for 100’ but all their distance claims are in open air. Real world performance will always be less. Most people will not have these issues, but it is something to be aware of in case you do have issues.

* For improved performance and reliability, please read Guidelines for installing Wireless Door / Window Sensors
** To avoid false alarms and increase life safety please read Guidelines for Smoke Detector and CO placement.