Calling 911

Making phone calls using Amazon Echo w/Alexa voice recognition

When Amazon first came out with the Echo (AKA Alexa), it was common for me to hear our clients ask, "What can it do"?  For awhile it was only gadget gurus, geeks and nerds, which I am, that found cool things to use the Echo in daily life. However, for the non-tech person the product lacked simple, easy to use commands that added significant benefit in their lives for some to to justify the purchase. Until now. 

Amazon Echo Connect - First Impressions

I received my Echo Connect today and even though I will not be installing it for my mother for  few days, I though I would look it over and see what it looks like. My reasons for installing this at my mothers is for the specific purpose of allowing her to call 911 using hand free voice calling using her Echo dot and Echo 2nd Generation. That makes this product a life safety device in my mind but I don't think Amazon considered the Echo Connect to be that sort of device. I am sure the device will operate as intended, but there are a few things I wish they would have considered.

Using Alexa to call 911

Amazon has a new product scheduled to be released this December called the Echo Connect. When connected to a phone line and combined with an Echo device, you can call 911. This will be the first product I am aware of that can call 911 directly using hands-free voice activation.